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Why a Business Card Book?

  • Publish a Biz Card Book and you are instantly seen as an achiever, a person who can accomplish most any task. The perception is that as the author of a published book, you have great discipline and fortitude.
  • People don’t throw books away. Chances are good (studies say 88%) that your business card will be thrown away within one week. It is unlikely that someone will throw your Biz Card Book away.
  • A Biz Card Book catapulted one coach to a six-figure business and put another on every major TV network as well as the TedX stage. Whether you are a high-powered business attorney or a part-time window washer, handing your potential client your autographed Biz Card Book vs. a business card can increase your sales.
  • Telling a variety of customer success stories can help your clients have a better understanding of what you do and who would benefit most from your services. A Biz Card Book makes giving you referrals easier. Nothing gets lost in the translation. The potential client is hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth – yours. 
  • A book will speak for you in a way that a 30-second elevator speech can’t. If you network a lot, authoring a book is easily one of the best investments you will make for your business and will catapult you to leading authority.

"This is your complete self-publishing team. I had a rough book in development that I felt would never get done, but they were able to help me finish it and see it in print. Coaching, editing, cover design, and all the steps you need to get your professional looking book in your reader’s hands. Highly recommended!"

Dr. Cortney Baker



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Getting started is painless - and F*R*E*E! No worry about travel; we consult using video conferenceing. We love the connection that comes from interacting with you face-to-face, virtually.  

During this call we get to know each other. We discuss options such as what type of book do you want and need as well as the level of support you want. 

Typically, by the end of the consultation, we (you and us) will have agreed on the next steps to take to get your business card book written and published. 

What will that look like? It could be a referral to our Book Writer Success Boot Camp. Or perhaps we'll recommend that you become a Writer Success Coaching client, should that be a better fit for your needs and desires. And if you are not quite ready, well we are happy to remain connected and support your journey toward authorship via our social media network.

It starts with a click to schedule your consultation.

Book Writer Success Boot Camp


Discover a revolutionary writing process that will make getting your story written totally easy (even if you don't have a clue what that looks like yet). 


This boot camp focuses the dynamic synergy of group coaching and connection. Boot camp fills fast and space is limited to ensure each writer enjoys individual Book Success Coach time.  

Don't wait. Details about the next boot camp and when it will begin are at www.bookwritersuccess.com. Or simply click to schedule your F*R*E*E consultation with CaZ and we'll help you get clear about which options will best help you to write and publish your book. 

It starts with a click to schedule your consultation.

Book Services, Writer Success Coaching, and Manifest Publishing

We know that every author is as unique as the stories we are blessed to read and write. 

Whether you are ready to publish or haven't written a word, we want to help. Whether you want to tell your story to inspire, or to create strategies for your business, or to increase your circle of influence, we believe in sharing the true power of words. 

We understand what it means to have a story to share, to be a writer, to be an author, to be a best-selling author, to be a publisher, and to help others tell their story. We have lived the therapeutic roller coaster of writing and publishing our own stories and ghostwriting for others. 

Whether you come to us for a business card book or to tell your story, you will have available to you some of the best marketing consultants, business coaches, and book writer success coaches who understand how to appeal to your ideal customer. Let us help you grow your business by telling your story.

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